Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cookie Sheet Magnet Board

Okay, so today's Tuesday Tutorial is a lot less like a tutorial and more like a 'you should try this', hence the name change in the title today.  I was inspired my my trip to Dollar Tree this morning and thought I would share....

First I bought a cookie sheet (oh how I love $1 goodness...  it's the best kind of retail therapy) and used my Crop-a-Dile to punch holes in the handle on one end...

Then I flipped it over to the back side and covered the body of the cookie sheet with decorative paper (mine is actually made of fabric) and added a ribbon as a layer on my cardstock and as a handle through the holes I just punched.

Then I stamped clouds and cut them out, and added magnets to the back of each one.

The clouds are from the rubber set 'Every Other Day'.  I am already thinking of a Christmas version using the Gingers....  eeek!  Have a great day, ya'll!

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jdmommy said...

How very clever of you!!