Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pottery Barn Inspired Cereal Box?

I LOVE looking through the Pottery Barn catalogs, planning perfectly-decorated, but never-to-be shindigs at my house!  But let's face it, they're stuff isn't always affordable.  So today, I have come up with a quick and easy Valentine Holder, roughly based on this adorable felt one from their Kids' catty...
I was trying to think of something that could be easily duplicated for my son's preschool class, and the answer came to me over breakfast.  Breakfast cereal to be exact!  The base of mine is a cereal box turned on it's side.

All I did was wrap the box in leftover Christmas wrap, and then attach a folded triangle flap I made, to look like an envelope.  Before I attached the flap, I added a punched scalloped edge to it using cardstock. I added Griffin's name using my Cricut, and the circle and heart are hand punches.  I cut a hole in the top of the box using a craft knife and a ruler and one that hole was there, I punched two holes using a Crop-o-dile in the back side, to run the ribbons through.  All you have to do next is tie it to a chair using the ribbons!

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Allison Osborne said...

absolutley adorable!!!!!